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  • Question: Are the services of YazzY.org free?
  • Answer: Sure, as long you do not provide any commercial services from your hosted web site.
    Exceptions are permitted only after consulation with the provider of YazzY.org services.

  • Question: How to set up my email client to be able to use YazzY.org's email services?
  • Answer: You can use both POP3 and IMAP. You must set up your email program to use mail.yazzy.org as your IMAP or POP3 server and incoming SMTP server.
    To be able to send emails you have to use the Outgoing SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider.

  • Question: How to upload and download files from the server?
  • Answer: We do not support the FTP protocol as it sends passwords in clear text (yes, everyone can steal them).
    YazzY.org uses the secure and encrypted sftp/scp protocol.
    You will need a program supporting this protocol to be able to download and upload files.
    Windows users download Filezilla or WinSCP (both are free).
  • *NIX users have to install ssh and use either scp or sftp for file transfers. There are also other programs supporting scp such as yafc, gftp, or pftp.

  • Question:Where to put my HTML files?
  • Answer:You have a few directories in your home dir but you have write permissions to only two of them.
    One is named www and the other cgi-bin.
    Upload your HTML files to the www dir and your cgi files to the cgi-bin directory.

  • Question: What DNS servers will I use hosting my domain at YazzY.org?
  • Answer: Set up your domain to use following Name Servers: dns1.yazzy.org, dns2.yazzy.org and dns3.yazzy.org

  • Question: What MX records do I need to use hosting my email at YazzY.org?
  • Answer: Set up your domain to use following MX records: mx1.yazzy.org and mx2.yazzy.org

  • Question: How does YazzY.org stop and filter Spam? What rules and methods are used?
  • Answer: Read the whole story here

  • Question: How and whom to contact?
  • Answer: Email yazzy at yazzy dot org or talk directly to me on irc.freenode.net on the #ezUnix channel.

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